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Trip Preparation 2 weeks to go

Trip Preparation 2 weeks to go

2 weeks and counting

Our trip preparation is now almost complete and we are itching to take off to be honest. From camp lights to toilet cleaners, everything has been organized.

We got our container to store everything in for 10 months and kids as always didn’t miss the opportunity to turn it into a playground.IMG_4272

I decided to play MacGyver and installed Led lights on the truck with Dad’s help who ended up doing it all and I pretended to know what I was doing.IMG_4287

You know you are in trouble when the mechanic hands you his card and says “call me anytime if you get stuck on your trip but I turn my phone off at night when I sleep” Most of the family recons we won’t make past Mudgee or will be back in a couple of months including the mechanic from the looks of it.IMG_4288

Last of the items arrived this week including 12v shower pump, shovel, recovery tracks and NSW / SA National Park passes.IMG_0079IMG_4285

I also bought chinese version of Go Pro considering Shoe String is the budget.IMG_0080

Last item to pack is food which we started yesterday. I promise there is canned food under all the chocolates.IMG_0078

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