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Dubbo, NSW

Dubbo, NSW

Dubbo, NSW

April 202015

Dubbo, NSW

Stayed 2 nights at a place called Toongi which is 26 kms south of Dubbo, NSW. The camping area is open and huge and there was only 1 other family camping there.FHD0013 FHD0014 IMG_5821

It rained on the first day but weather cleared up on day 2 and so did Nette’s mood. She is so not a rain and cold¬†weather person ūüôā IMG_5832

We visited Dubbo Gaol where the kids experienced solitary confinement and played around a bit. Aaqib took part in a play at the Gaol in which he assisted a convict escape the prison. He was so stoked.IMG_5909IMG_5880IMG_5870 IMG_5861 IMG_5862 IMG_5863 IMG_5864 IMG_5869 IMG_5899 IMG_5895 IMG_5891 IMG_5857

We tried to get the projector to work at night but (I think) the fuel in the generator was dirty and so the projector kept cutting out. I also didn’t have any sound from the projector so have to work that one out later. It was so cold at night that I got out of bed around 6AM and went into the car with the heater on. It was a great idea leaving all the doona’s behind to save on storage. I am sure Nette won’t let me forget it.

Met a lovely family from Carlingford. People think we are crazy for camping with 4 kids but the Johnston’s were doing it with 6 kids including a 3 month old baby. IMG_5849Good on you Sean and Colleen for proving it can and should be done. IMG_5842 IMG_5844

Finney got her birthday present and we drove around with Happy Birthday Finney on the car all day.IMG_5947 IMG_5933 IMG_5930

Finally, after the  sunset at Dubbo we set off to Broken Hill.IMG_5838IMG_5920


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