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Coral Bay, Ningaloo
August 12015

Coral Bay, Ningaloo

There are not many places that can truly take ones breath away but Coral Bay…..WOW! IMG_1592 IMG_1594 IMG_1637 IMG_1626 IMG_1702

We stayed at 14 mile beach on Warroora Station where camping is wilderness style right on the beach.IMG_1542 IMG_1526 IMG_1652 IMG_1667 IMG_1670 IMG_1679 IMG_1703 IMG_1701 IMG_1704

A visit to Ningaloo Reef is why we were in this area to begin with and so we went off to Coral Bay where you really can just snorkel Ningaloo Reef straight off the beach. At Pentecost River (Gibb River Road) we met 2 Marine Biologists who claimed that Ningaloo Reef is better than the Great Barrier Reef and while the judgement on GBR is still out (I am yet to see the outer reef), I can’t imagine many Reef systems in the world that can stand up to Ningaloo.P3040104 P3040101 P3040129 P3040121 P3040118 P3040111 P3040107

P3040105Our last day we spent exploring other beaches on the Station itself and came across Elle’s Beach which, rumour has it, is Elle McPherson’s favourite beach hence the name.IMG_1697 IMG_1691The little smudge is a Humpback Whale just off our camp site.

Saw Humpback Whales just off our camp site

Saw Humpback Whales just off our camp site

Nette and I want to re-visit a lot of places that we have seen on this trip in the years to come but Ningaloo is perhaps the only place that we will re-visit on this trip itself. Once our trip to Perth & Oman is complete we will definitely head back to Ningaloo. Can’t wait!

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